How to outsource a small army

Getting Started

In order to automate your lead generation, you’ll need outside freelancer help., a platform for hiring talent, is how you’ll find those freelancers.

While Odesk takes a 10% fee per project, you get admin features like automatic screenshots to keep your hourly employees accountable. Sign up for Odesk here.

Once set up, we recommend hiring talent from the Philippines.

Why the Philippines?

The people accustomed to virtual work, great English speakers, have [relatively] reliable internet, and the currency exchange rate is optimal for USD conversion.

They’re also 12 hours ahead of EST, which means you get fresh contacts every morning when you wake up.

By working with freelancers in the Philippines you’ll get incredible talent for just $1.50 - $2 per HOUR.

We tried a lot of things when we hired our first Freelancer:

Below is the script we used to hire 4 people in a matter of hours.


Prefer an awesome English writer from the Philippines (full-time job)

Job Setup


PLEASE NOTE: This job pays a flat hourly rate of $1.50 (+ oDesk fee). We will not consider higher bids.

Our company, a marketplace for commercial freight truckers, is seeking professional researchers with impeccable English writing skills for ongoing work. We have a large amount of companies that need to be discovered and catalogued, so we’re looking for someone that can dedicate themselves fully to joining our team.

Outline of Responsibilities

Hired employees will be trained on how to use our system to find new shipment providers & enter them into our system so that we can begin reaching out to ask them to join our platform. You will learn several methods of searching, and you will learn how to use a major CRM system. Successful employees will also be given additional tasks throughout their career with us which could include speaking with customers, social media outreach, and many other tasks.


We will only hire employees who can work with us for at least 40 hours per week – this means that we largely prefer employees that do not have other jobs (either online or offline). Those who wish to work longer are encouraged to do so – the more hours you put in, the more money you make, and the more we will value and reward you as an employee.

Ideal candidates will stay with us for at least a year, if not longer.


* Excellent English writing skills;

* Superior English grammar and punctuation skills

* Quickly able to learn new online tools (with help of course)

* Dedicated and reliable – someone ready to work long hours

* Must have a very fast and reliable internet connection (prepaid kits not recommended)

* Fast, efficient and high attention to detail

* Interested in a longer term relationship with our company

* A positive, happy personality

* Willing and ready to provide feedback and ask questions

Next Steps

Applicants that seem to fit the position will be hired for training and to find contact information for the companies we are targeting. If you fit the requirements of the position, we'll officially hire you. We screen all applicants thoroughly as we’re looking to build a lasting relationship. We're a fun, small company, and would love to work with you!

Application requirements:

**Please write a cover letter specifically for this job. We will use this to evaluate your writing skills, so please do not submit a pre-written cover letter.

Please do your best to write clear, natural sounding English – punctuation and grammar will be very important in this assignment. You'll be trained by and working with a Director at our company.

PLEASE NOTE: This job pays a flat hourly rate of $1.50 (+ oDesk fee). We will not consider higher bids.

Thank you so much – we’re excited to get started!

Next Steps

  1. Sign up for Odesk (choose “I need a freelancer”)
  2. Copy this document so you can edit the script
  3. Create your first job posting with changes, as needed

If you need help with Odesk, let us know.


See below for comments about the templates above.

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